SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty

One warranty, zero worries

Our industry-leading solar system warranty

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Power output protection for 25 years.

panel product


Panel coverage for minimum peak power and product defects for 25 years.

service - fix


Hassle-free replacement, repair or reimbursement for any defective panel.*

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Comprehensive solar warranty

The SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty covers your whole system (not just the panels), so you never have to wonder which company to contact.*

Pitfalls of other residential solar company warranties Image

Pitfalls of other residential solar company warranties

Other residential solar company warranties cover one component of the entire system, leaving you with up to 4 separate warranties (panel, inverter, racking, monitoring). With other residential solar companies:

  • You may have to pay to package and ship defective panels

  • You may have to pay to replace panels damaged from rust

  • Hardware functionality is treated as binary (either it's on or off)

Benefits of our Complete Confidence Warranty

SunPower stands behind your entire system, not just the panels. We also:

  • Provide repair or replacement at no additional cost; including labor and shipping*

  • Cover rust damage, such as in seaside installations*

  • Treat the system as a whole

Laptop and smart phone not covered in the warranty

Benefits of our Complete Confidence warranty Image

SunPower® Complete Confidence Warranty


Other Home Solar Company Warranties

Entire Solar System

Removal of Defective Part

Installation of New Part



Peak System AC Power

25 years

Panel warranty term*

As short as 12 years

Power, product, and service, we’ve got you covered

SunPower covers the repair or replacement costs, while other home solar company warranties don’t. Labor, shipping, parts, we’ve got you covered.*

SunPower's comprehensive product and power coverage includes a 25 year warranty for everything on your roof (including panels, microinverters and racking) and 10 years for everything not on your roof (storage and monitoring).

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